Tuesday, November 15, 2011

for the weary moments of a struggle

everyone wants to be Che
but few want to be Rosa
you want to rage against machines
but let a voice on a phone
tell you where to get your next espresso fix
or quote 'The Matrix' as a reason
you don't have to the voice to cry out against pain
there comes a point
where you're sick and tired of being sick and tired
and then you get sick of those
telling you to be inspired
while pushing you to the front
like Saudis did Egyptians once
change comes in many currencies
but none more valuable
that a mind made beautiful enough
to cause chains to rust
and crowns to gleam
dreams only live
when you're fully awake
and fires that free do not begin
unless you accept
that you're only one flame
and that you burn
in your own way and on your terms

what firestorm will you cause today?

1 comment:

Coco Rivers said...

From the line, "Change comes in many currencies.." I was in awe of this articulation. VERY well done. You got skillz.

So, umm where is the Share and Tweet buttons? I'm a wordpress girl, you know :)