Tuesday, November 8, 2011

blueberry tea and her arms

still wishing
for the stillness found
in your kitchen when we let our hearts
breathe next to each other
as sunlight mixed with New England frost
framed the morning
i think you've managed
to embed your sultry grin
into my chest
and my nostrils
still fill with brown sugar and yearning
holding you
has become as necessary as walking
and that's why my mind so often
travels to regain that stillness
steeped in blueberries and your arms.


Coco Rivers said...

This is a lovely, haunting piece. I'm not sure why it made a little said but high at the same time. Must've been the picture. I'm pissed that's not my bedroom lol.

Sold and following.

Preach said...

LOL thank you...just a note..i wish that was my bedroom too!!!