Thursday, November 17, 2011

facets of a beautiful fight.

aren't made for t-shirts
which sit on chests as conversation pieces
in happy hours made to hide the fact
that you've been disenchanted
because your magic doesn't work unless you've had a few
won't be caged in characters
with doubled meanings made bountiful
by the Gods' number
the only timeline that matters is right now
this is more than
building brands as hands are tied
with plastic bands
(silver bracelets are SO Selma and don't go well
with balsamic vinegar)
you can't sanitize an uprising
history has always behaved
like intestinal gas
and the abdominal burn is the concern
not that things will change
but how will YOU adapt
there's no equivalent
to hearing a grip tighten on a nightstick
and knowing that subdued rattle
can come before a snake's bite
Alex Jones and the rest of the fear junkies
will not save you from their compound
where they live with dollars and donuts
but they expect you to survive
on conspiracies and soy
and the fight needed to ensure
the generation after them won't sleep
are never pretty
because pretty can always chip and fade
and despite what they tell you
picking sides in a firefight
doesn't mean you won't get hit
but they are beautiful
most struggles from the heart
often are.

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