Saturday, June 30, 2012

cinnamon crusted

in the long spaces
between loves picked up and cast aside
like jacks on a playground
she savored sweetness
knew her own sugar
was desirable to all but those
who she wanted to give a taste

she felt herself dissolving
against concrete realities
that saw the feet of these loves
walk past her for ivory towers
and alabaster princesses
forgetting she carried brighter pearls
they mistook for costume jewelry others wore

cinnamon crusted
her love sits waiting to be tasted
as suns grow dim

Thursday, June 28, 2012

haiku 6.27.12

like the clouds breaking
your smile gave way feeding suns
summer with your lips

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

haiku 6.26.12

gods of war are vain
bullets are gaudy jewels
bloodshed fresh makeup

music break: Ellie Goulding

here's a tune that kinda adds a little bit of excitement
to the summer for me right now...take a listen and

Friday, June 22, 2012

kitten on a hot tin roof

you make clouds
smoke signals that wake me up
because they carry your scent
uttering sunshine in prolonged songs
crafted with desire from places in your belly
starved for so long
they forgot
the speech of want a woman wields
when she is ready
and only after
a quatrain of lust
written with talented digits
that are counting seconds
to the meeting of our eyes
did you think to smile
and perhaps...purr

haiku 6.22.12

just like subway steel
her skin cast off sun as she
walked my way, grinning

changes gonna come...

what's happening folks? it's been a while since i posted,
and the main reason (besides a busier summer schedule
than i anticipated) is, there may be a change or two to
come in the next couple of weeks. i just wanted to give
you a heads up so you won't get caught unawares. stay
tuned and thanks again for reading!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

props to the papas...

tomorrow is Father's Day...aside from the normal
platitudes and cards and commercials hawking
products, it's one day where fathers are able to
sit back and enjoy the love for just being there.

there are of course, those men who flat out shirk
their responsibilities. the deadbeat fathers who
may be links in a horrible chain that extends to
their own father and past him. those fathers who
go on 'vacation' because of their own issues.
they leave behind a multitude of angry, hurt
and bitter mothers left to fill both roles. and
a wave of children who carry those emotional
scars, some of which they don't ever get rid of.
but, this day isn't about them.

Father's Day is for all of those men who help
to shape lives. those men who guide, who care,
who love with both firmness and tenderness.
my dad is still here. and i cherish that relationship
with all of the trials and tribulations it has held in.
to all of the fathers who are raising their children,
to those step-fathers, to adoptive fathers, to the
new fathers and also to those fathers who have
left this world for the next, Happy Fathers Day
to you. and thank you.

the quiet before we embrace

wear part of your history
because it needed to breathe
needed to cry loud enough
to make the rain feel sympathy
and i
insist on holding you that much longer
when we embrace
because i need you enough
that those years and dreams
you wear with deliberate deliciousness
hopefully speak to me
and permit me to add to them

haiku 6.14.12

iron legs hold us
groaning with our travel:birth
of concrete routine.

back from a break...

hey good people, sorry for the hiatus...i've been up and
down the East Coast and down south these past couple
of weeks...just here to let you know the posts will resume
with regular speed! hope you guys missed me! :-)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

color us sweetly

in scenes
of ebony and violet
that cover us as we sleep
miles apart except in corners of our hearts
that we've made altars of desire
the question
writes itself in script
made of honey, cinnamon
and the breath of mangoes;
if we ever dared to kiss for real
would the ink you wear so delicately
drip away due to the heat
and color me
and you

haiku 7.12.07

wasting worry on
you? it's like a wino that's
hooked on Thunderbird

music break: Donny Hathaway

whenever i have some soul-straightening to do, Donny
Hathaway's music is definitely a way to help do it. a
gem of his from his first album. enjoy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

morning sugar

she caught flames
rising in her abdomen
waiting for the rains to pour

before she shattered the glass
that held her inner tigress
with curled toes and pleasure that echoed

i swore i heard
her smile spread and melt upon the clouds
like sugar does in the embrace of intense heat

Sunday, June 3, 2012

delectable lines

*for brownin'*

it isn't the careful calligraphy
that moves my pen to sequential tears
you see here as a poem
it is you
who bears the canvas
treasured ta mokotelling stories of what wonders
lie in the orchard of your heart
and with each day that passes
your delectable lines
span in the mind like bridges of silk and sun
teaching me your language
one languid curve at a time

haiku 6.3.12

the rainbow is best
when you allow your heart to
sit through storms unscathed

Friday, June 1, 2012

the faster blade

sometimes loved ones cut you quicker than strangers.

and what can really bake your noodle is, the timing
and the reasons. now, writing has helped me unravel
some tangled knots of confusion when it came to
other folks who i knew a little or barely knew at all.
we're like guard dogs in that sense. anything that's
unfamiliar and out of the ordinary we'll bark at
quicker than Fox News can lie. but someone we
know? someone we love? someone we trust? that's
the faster blade that we don't see. the one we don't
prepare ourselves for because despite it happening
to everyone around us, more than once, we still
don't really ever figure that it'll happen to us. it's
a plot device that always works in books, plays
and movies because it speaks to a key part of what
it is to be human. doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.

but think about that pain for a sec. you feel it
cut into you and all of a sudden, it takes you back
to when you were small. let's say 4 or 5. the hurt
rises in your gut like bad milk. your face stings
because you want to retort but this is someone
you care about. someone you love and you know
loves you. the tears wait on line behind your eyes.
each bit of that moment paints the walls of your
mind. and there you are, cut deep. only you're
not bleeding so that everyone can see. and the
other person? they are in their moment where
pride and their own hurt creates that bubble
around them enough so that they can't - or
don't wish to - see your hurt.

i can admit it now...i've been hurt before. had
those cuts leave me spilling open. there are
those that will believe that writing about this,
especially if you're a guy, is all a soggy piece
of over-sentimentality. i gave up on that plateau
of overt machismo a minute ago. writing on
this doesn't make me a shrinking violet. only
by accepting this and realizing that it doesn't
have to last nor happen again in the same way
helps you avoid these kinds of cuts.

let the wounds heal a bit. try not to shoulder
all of the blame for it. but don't heap it all
on that other person. try to figure out where
they were coming from, understand it and
the triggers. don't fall into that whole thing
about not wanting to be the bigger person
because your ego is talking louder than
your heart. that's B-movie material. forgive
if you need to, mostly yourself. get some
space. let that pain float away, even if it
takes more than one day, but don't let it
take longer than you can afford. talk it
out with that person. more often than not
you'll find it to be nothing. and the most
important thing? remember the love that
lives between you. even bullshit has a
purpose in the world, when you get right
down to it. all of that will make those
faster blades slow down and come to a
halt before they're drawn.

until the next time...