Tuesday, June 16, 2009

honey within her hair(to sagal)

if the heavens could allow me
i'd wish to live
with your fragrance
forever filling my senses
flowers would never compare
and even the purest form of honey
would not match
that scent of passion
that drifts from your skin
and lives within your hair.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the timid gardener(to sagal)

how can a heart
wilt and fray at the edges?
when that heart
bears the length of loneliness
that lives without you.
waiting for the water of your words
in a desert of solitude,
it sways with each breeze
and shivers
for the warmth of your care.
the love it has for you
my timid gardener
tells you that your fingers are fine.
it has no fear
as you may have
of deliberate wounds to it
caused by worrying
and a need for perfection.
this heart
only needs your care
to thrive
to live
and it will always accept a timid gardener
if she grows along
with a blossom of love.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ripe blackberry(for sagal)

like those blackberries
tender yet ripe
i feel your lips
feast on my skin
again and again and again
so much so
that i close my eys
and let that sweetness build inside of me
and what i say next
is a mixture
of pleasure prayer and peace
i cant wait
for the blessing of your kiss
to be mine once more.

Friday, February 6, 2009

haiku 1.7.09

it is not the ice
that makes you slip but just your
own lack of balance.

the smile that reigns(for sagal)

if you let it be
your smile could nurse dead stars
even with a slow smirk
it can speed up time
to grow forests of romance
so you needn't wonder
why i do anything possible
to make sure a smile
always reigns upon your face.

wistful watercolor(for sagal)

like a watercolor painting
i fear that these memories of you
may fade
the skies washing away
to translucent silver
green pastures
diluted with time's fast hand
and you
dearest sunshine
slipping into a shadowy second life
so with the brushes of my mind
i paint again
and again
with tears and these bright hues
of happiness you've given me
all to keep alive
the landscape of rapture
your presence brings me.