Tuesday, September 3, 2013

within the first sip of java

*for sagal*

i've wanted you
at the moment of overflow
filled past cool indifference
you thought would hold you back
resolve trembling slightly
like china cups and the breadth of
tender and sturdy shores
that are your hips.

wanted you coursing
past teeth that have gnawed
on shyness and fear
that chafes at your desire
like humidity does to an August night
and yes, i'd delight in that heat
you've been simmering with
since we last embraced

i've wanted you
to find your echoes in my blood
make them boudoir garments
as you made your way finally and fearlessly
to the bedchambers laid golden in me
i've wanted you
to declare your heart for me
boldly like fire within the first sip of java
but will you still feign sleep?

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