Friday, March 15, 2013

tried by seven and a blue line

young man Kimani
tried by seven bullets
life choked short by that thin blue line
and muzzle flash
do archangels of justice
see your blood on the streets
this morning as they pass over?

Remsen Avenue
becomes the heart of Ramallah
barricades on Snyder
as East Flatbush becomes frozen
by cops and a mayor with ears deafened to all
but soda fizz
music for the beasts who occupy blocks

tried by seven
Kimani Gray, murdered he was
on streets Giuliani once called home
and the people rise and shout
knowing that the struggle made real
is bigger than TV sets and news desks
and that the heat always melts oppressive frost

after all,
the archangels of justice see the lamb's blood
and will pass over East Flatbush
the fire in their pots reserved for pigs.

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