Sunday, March 3, 2013

small talk on silencers.

no, i'm not talking about THOSE silencers, you haven't
stumbled onto a blog post about a 'Guns & Ammo' magazine
article. when i say 'silencers', i'm speaking to those
moments one needs to illustrate certain things to people
who don't understand where you're coming from, be it in
an innocent way or deliberate.

sometimes silence is the best answer you have. as much
as i am an advocate for telling people how you feel,
showin' and provin', being upfront...sometimes silence
is the only recourse you have. because it allows you to
go calm about the situation, allows you to begin the work
of letting go of that anger. the moment you go silent
allows you to move that person bringing you frustration
completely out of your cipher so you can get rational
about things. and before you flip the hell out. as time
marches on i have come to embrace the idea of 'silencers',
key moments where you can say, 'okay, nothing is getting
accomplished here. let's regroup later.' truthfully, i
have always tried to keep my cool. sometimes to my own
detriment, because there are those who see that as a
sign to steal on you. then i would have to pointedly
remind them that's not the case. having 'silencer'
moments every so often helps you bolster your intent if
it's positive, and allows you to see others' intent as

and like i said at the outset, 'silencers' can be those
moments where the other person or people see exactly
where you stand. there's many who just don't like quiet.
they can't stand the silence AT ALL. not even in their
own space. so they seek distraction, any type sometimes
if they don't want to do the work on themselves. and best
believe, they will fight you tooth and friggin' nail to
deny it sometimes. when you go silent, even for a little
bit, watch the change. they may have felt as if you'd
still cater to their nonsense. they may have acted as if
they could pop in and out without a thought to how you
felt. silence makes you LISTEN. and that's something we
all need to do to LIVE. for an example, remember how you
did something so crazy when you were younger, that your
parents wouldn't even speak to you? and you knew that
there would be hell to pay? exactly. 'silencers' are the
moments you should utilize sometimes to douse the flames
rather than having roundabout speech fan them.

as always, thanks for reading! until the next time!

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