Thursday, December 1, 2011

thoughts on World AIDS Day.

today is World AIDS Day.

those four letters, i will admit, scare the living hell out
of me. granted, it is not the full out death sentence it once
but the HIV virus and AIDS are still running rampant across
the globe. we all know now how serious the illness is. but we
can't afford to be any less vigilant or aware. a moment's lapse
of awareness or judgement and your life is forever changed. we
all have our own stories about how AIDS entered their consciousness.
for me, it was way back in 1985 when i first started hearing the
rumblings about it in newspapers and on TV. it didn't fully hit
me until 1991 when two things happened. the first was Earvin
'Magic' Johnson told the world he was HIV positive. to see someone
in their prime be afflicted was shocking. especially someone
so full of life as he is. and it shattered all concepts that it
was a disease that only affected gay men. anyone was at risk. the
other instance showed me another side of those prejudices that still
lurk around HIV and AIDS. i remember that there was an uproar in
Queens Village because there were some 'concerned' parents(who were
so concerned that they never identified themselves publicly) who
who trying to block children from attending a public school in
the area. why? because they were recent immigrants from Haiti. and
unfortunately, Haitians were smeared with the idea that they
carried the HIV exclusively. utter bullshit.

today, have a moment of silence for those suffering with HIV and
AIDS and for those who've lost their lives or loved ones. for all
who might be reading this, be informed. protect yourselves. educate
yourselves. and most importantly, love yourselves...and each other.

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