Friday, December 30, 2011

plunging into a new year.

there's one more day left in 2011. admittedly for me, it's been
a year of sharp peaks and valleys. if you've read this blog on
a regular basis, every so often you get a glimpse of that journey.

i can say without hesitation that i don't do resolutions. i've
always felt that if one cultivates their personality enough where
they're resolute about most things they want out of life and themselves,
then you don't need the knee-jerk seasonal habit. i do take this
time to honestly reflect on the past year and regroup to hit the
ground running once the new year begins. last year, that was a bit
tough due to my Grandma Alexander leaving this world for the next
right before Christmas. and i've been more susceptible to the
post-holiday blues this year. however, i'm writing this in a serene
but upbeat mood. so...

what i've managed to learn this year as far as writing goes is how
to effectively craft a routine that allows me to dig in on the words
but not feel burnt out. National Novel Writers' Month DEFINITELY kept
me honest and motivated in that regard. another thing i've learned in
regards to my own writing is that now, more than ever, some stories i
have kept under wraps can now begin to be told.

personally, i've allowed myself the freedom to speak on what bothers
me more. and to not have any expectations of immediate understanding
once i do. thankfully, i'm surrounded by folks who do. i've managed
to scrape away that mental residue that forms when dealing with people
that like to make things more complicated than they are. and i've learned
to not only let people go, but i've learned that even if they come back,
to hold onto the fact that they may leave again because one of the few
things certain is change.

i hope 2012 is definitely worth the huge plunge i will take starting
January 1st. and if not, at least i'll look damn good living. to all
of you reading this, may your new year be full of dreams realized and
worlds you've stored in your hearts sprung true before your eyes. thanks
for reading, and have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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