Friday, August 26, 2011

what MLK would say about his statue

i had a dream
bigger than monuments
larger than the minds of bigots
and yet you still sleep

i had a dream
that would see brothers and sisters
break the bread of promise and drink
from the wells of prosperity
but the fields suffer
and the wells are poisoned
and yet you still sleep

i dreamt
that the poor would get their fair share
and that the hungry would be fed
but they've been bled
to fill the cups of the rich
and yes you still sleep

i walked for justice
i fought for the freedom
of all men, women and children of this nation
if you are still asleep
do not think that a statue
means my dream is at rest

evil has traded white robes for black ones
made society sickened and numb
made people dumb and blind
to the hands of thieves
and the horrors of mankind

do not honor me only
with granite and parades
dream with your eyes open
and awaken the people
to create that revolution of the heart
and see
the promised land of my dreams.

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