Tuesday, August 23, 2011

burning bright.

(it's interesting that on the day i was going to post
this, the East Coast gets an earthquake. go figure.)

i hear the analogy made all the time. likening people
to stars. i've done it. had it used in reference to me.
but lately, i've given some thought to another element
of stars, and that is...burning out.

one thing that i am very mindful of is that i don't
wish to make the transition from this world to the
next without having done all i could. i don't really
want to pay lip service to things and ideals, especially
when i have the power and the ability to contribute.
'running the bulls--t mile' as one of my teachers way
back in St.Francis Prep used to say. i don't want to
do that. too many others do that, whether they're
conscious of it or not. and then they see things pass
them by and worry, or they get defiant and aloof. not
a good look.

i choose to live, and let my spirit propel me towards
doing things i was meant to do. not in a harried fashion.
i've seen people burn themselves out needlessly because
they want to impress, flatter and dominate. their intent
is clouded and so are their actions. you may know one or
more of these types. that's not the way. if we are meant
to be stars to be returned to the essence, we need to
act accordingly. don't hinder yourself. celebrate all
that's good about you and what you do. create from that
burst of energy. let your spirit burn so bright and
precise that you make acetylene torches jealous. spread
love around like you would do a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich. forgive. release. relax. breathe.

stars take millions of years to burn out. make it seem
like you would use that time to make it as slow as possible.
because tomorrow's never promised and today is a blank
page in life.

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