Monday, June 13, 2011

science fiction for the corners

i wanted to write of
worlds that defy logic
caused shock and awe
in a world that only sees fit
to drop its jaw at stupidity in loud print
and there are days
when some of these streets
are planets unbound
places where Ming the Merciless
might've owned carryouts
mining for minerals and
taking every Flash Gordon
who's bright enough for books
for their papers and powers

who needs rocketships to go to the moon
when space dust is sold by the baggie
and moon rocks come with color tops
to make alleys seas of tranquility
man oh man
i can be an astronaut for less
than a quarter pound in the hand
with motherships bearing golden rims
trim that wears prada and snakeskin
talking in groaning bass
like some hep cat put down in ink
before my first chance to blink,
'when have you found a brother
who had time to waste on the moon?'

and then it hit me
science fiction for the corners
would make millions
just imagine
a 'hood with no projects
bodegas better than organic farms
asthma a thing for the past
brothers would be building hovercars
instead of building on how to blast a fool
we'd use trash and broken glass
to power streetlights and guitar amps
then i stopped
because i didn't want
this dream of a better world
to only be fiction
and besides,
Hollywood would only cast
Keanu Reeves in the lead again.


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