Sunday, April 7, 2013

crumbled conversation from off the Grand Concourse (9/30)

next time a poverty pimp says
'power to the people!',
ask them how much their light bill is.
inquire if
they've ever had to walk 2 miles
to a supermarket,
or play other hunger games like
'do i eat or do my children eat?'
when one of them says
'power to the people!'
ask them about computers
being sent overseas
but very few found in schools
once you get past Whitlock Avenue.
ask them why
they cut their check
on the broken bones
and broken bonds of your blocks,
covering your eyes with slogans
so you can't see those poor souls
who truly are there to help.
when a poverty pimp
who cares more about their tab
and how fly they look protesting
in designer jeans tells you,
'power to the people'...

ask them, 'what's your motivation for taking it?'

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