Sunday, August 5, 2012

slapboxing devils.

sometimes, you will find yourself slapboxing
with the devils within AND without as if you
inked a deal for 12 rounds and a gaudy belt.
hard, electrolyte draining, intense bouts of
faith and will that makes you appreciate those
champions of the ring even more because they
went through it before stepping onto the

i get tired sometimes with these fights. it
gets weary struggling while the clueless, the
stumblebums, the burnouts and the ignorant
ease through life like a hot knife through a
fresh oven baked turkey breast. it gets to
be tiresome slinging fists with the internal
devils you have, especially at the times when
your spirit wanes, you feel your chest heave
as if to vomit, and your body literally aches.
over the past three years, i've dealt with
this over and over. it's as if God and my own
path are putting me through this training
for what's ahead. for example, i've been in
the process of trying to release an eBook for
the past 2 months to no avail. but when they
utter the phrase, 'the devil is in the details'
they don't tell you that shit is in fine print
and single-spaced.(look out for a post on that
on 108 Press' blog.)it has been a fight, one
that i had to learn to deal with with regards
to not only knockdowns, but how to recover
from them. to the point where if there's
another setback, i won't be deterred.

of course, there are more sinister opponents
we all have, with different names. but if you
got this far into the post, i want you to
keep punching. protect yourself at all times.
and most of all, give those devils the pain
they try to give you back three times over.
and make sure when you slap one of them, the
others hear the resolution in it and back
off, if only for a little while.

peace, until the next time...

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