Sunday, July 8, 2012

long walks off short piers or, how to let jaywalkers leave.

if i can interrupt the normal schedule for a bit...

i want to get something off my chest. these past
couple of days, i've been meditating on just how
much people will cover up the stench of their
own bullshit within the rosy, aromatic allure of
'being free-spirited' or extremely positive on the
outside. that's not a knock on those that are free
spirits or those who exude positivity in their daily
lives. my ire is towards those who just use those
methods as a way to avoid and deal with their
own necessary growth and to try to cut corners
on top of it. such people grate on my bone marrow
at times, and even though most times i ignore it,
there are those instances where i witness what
they put down and want to give them a kick in
the kidneys with steel toed Timberlands on.

case in point...there's a sister i know who on the
exterior, is exceedingly wholesome, sprinkles
her speech with sugary words, and at one point
straight ruined the word 'delicious' for me(for
real. i don't know how you can describe children
in the Sudan getting care packages as delicious
but trust me she would've done it). and all of
that is perfumed smoke and broken bagua
mirrors to hide enough craziness to make that
chick Evelyn from 'Basketball Wives' send her
a few mimosas in tribute. and yet, she chooses,
i repeat, CHOOSES, not to engage in work on
herself to fully fix things. she figures her looks,
charm and other tools of manipulation will
help her continue to get by. and as time passes,
i've found myself less and less inclined to tune
into the madness.

i've started to call people who indulge in that
behavior 'jaywalkers'. folks who see fit to get
all up in your way while you're doing what
you feel you need to do to progress the right
way. and all because they don't want to put in
the work needed to grow. in some cases, it's
not their fault. they had dirt mixed into their
Kool-Aid before they grew adult hair and
hadn't realized that's what they were sipping
on this whole time. but the entire group is
dangerous because they are disruptive. and
since they don't envision or don't want to
envision a life without discord, they latch
onto people who are working their stuff out
or right on track and clog up the lanes.

i realize some of you reading this may be
in the mind to say, 'well what makes YOU
so different? not a thing except this: i do
try to check myself if i feel my actions are
becoming a hindrance to someone. at times,
to a fault. because i don't want to be one of
those jaywalking individuals, a clueless
bird who can cause havoc on someone
else's path. we're all on this planet to help
each other, not hinder. and you may have
one or two bonafide jaywalkers in your mix
right now. the best thing you can do, good
people, is to let 'em walk right out of your
mix. and do so knowing that they may not
even be entirely bad. but if they're not
adding to or even helping you maintain the
good you may have going on right now,
let 'em walk. off a short pier if necessary.

until the next time, walk good.

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