Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring morning on springfield blvd (8/30)

a new season
frames your glances
in crystal and wistful tones
sunlight waltzes on pieces of cognac flasks
old men give thanks for seeing another spring
as they inch faster than crawling bristles
that occupy sidewalk cracks
those dandelions tied to the stop sign
have withered
and people still rush to beat the red light
Arabic still punctuates the rap music
coating the bodega like the grease of twenty egg and cheese bagels
the car wash is packed
daredevils in dollar vans ferry like underworld dogs with heavy feet
mature women pass out leaflets
and a smiling boy
who stopped doing so at the behest of a blade
stares out from a poster at the corner
while we all wait
for the new season
to show us how to spring forward

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