Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 things i got from my birthday weekend

on the third day into another year on this planet, i can definitively
say these things after my birthday last Friday:

1)White Zinfandel wine and Red Velvet cake combined is a mighty
powerful sleep agent.

2)i was lucky to have a birthday where it wouldn't be too cold
with no snow on the ground.

3)i've gotten used to seeing the wildest things on my birthday; from
a drunk chick doing her best Elaine from 'Seinfeld' impression to the
point she broke wind at the bar to a blue butterfly going past my window
right after the rain stopped, amazement was constant.

4)i learned that forgiveness - of myself and others - can make life
grow in glorious ways.

5)there are some folks who will insist on infiltrating your space with
their bulls**t and when they shrink into the periphery, BE THANKFUL. it's
the best gift you'll ever get from them.

6)planting something really reminds you how connected to the Earth you
truly are.

7)the people who you've lost in the past come back to wish you well. kind
of like the blue ghosts from 'Star Wars'.

8)yes, you get older. but you do find more clarity.

9)be thankful, every SECOND.

10)laugh and the world does laugh with you...even louder.

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