Thursday, May 19, 2011

the vertigo of the vertical climb( a mental ramble)

(photo by Vivian Maier)

i am guilty sometimes of thinking too much. so much at
times that i can feel a pain in my neck radiate upwards
into my head. usually, once that happens i stop what i'm
doing. because it's a sign that the checkpoints in my
head need a minute. 'whoa, slow down, SLOW DOWN A SEC!'
it's only then that i realize that i'm climbing too fast.

from time to time, i like to believe that the daily struggle
is akin to mountain climbing. all of the elements are there.
the rapid search for places to get a good grip or solid
footing. the straining of the neck to keep your eyes on
the goal in sight. trying your best NOT to look behind
you but doing it anyway. i've never been mountain climbing
for real; hiking yes. but i feel life right now, my struggle
to be a 'success' at life (which sometimes feels like it's
only just so you keep pace with what is considered 'normal')
is just like that. and maybe that neck pain is just all
about me not being cautious enough to refrain from rushing.
be precise. think carefully. move swiftly and with no fear.
and this applies even to walking up a steep flight of stairs.
it takes thought, but i'm learning not to do that too much.
it gets in the way of what is and what will be.

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