Sunday, April 3, 2011

milis criona

(note; the title is an combination of Gaelic terms, literally
translated it means 'sweet heart')

there may be some
that do not fully comprehend
that a heart such as yours
does not move
will not move
without a beat of purpose
in its flesh
knowing you
and standing in your eyes
i see that it is
a certain kind of sugar
a certain kind of sweetness
that makes you move
one hears it in your voice
crackling with excess light
like a Sunday evening hearth
i can feel it
in my bones
warmed by sunbeams
woven together in your smile
if those who took their leave
stood awhile
they'd see
that your heart
has that certain kind of sugar
that nestles in the cracks of your spirit
you'd never think to fill
and that is why i'm grateful
you share a part of it with me.


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