Friday, March 4, 2011

reflections before a holiday...

hey folks, i wanted to divert from the usual flow
of this blog for a moment just to reflect on a few
things with you 'fore i go on a break.

first, i know it's Friday and no one wants to get
too deep before the weekend. but i want to speak
on the power of realizing your dreams, no matter
when you get that chance in life. i recently saw
a good friend perform live on guitar with a band
of other women after only 2 1/2 days of learning
their instruments, writing an original song and
practicing beforehand. seeing that happen for
anyone is major, but especially for women. (btw,
the entire experience is known as Ladies' Rock
Camp, held in different cities across the US)
another moment that i was happy to be a part of
was a radio show commemorating the 10 year
anniversary of Melantaion, a wonderful writer's
group for people of color. both of these events
have given me so much energy and hope for my
own writing and other creative efforts. never
underestimate what things and events like that
can do for your psyche.

second, if you haven't done so today, give thanks
for everything wonderful about yourself, even if
you doubt most of the time. you'd be amazed to
see how much goodness will flow into your life as
a result.

i'll be back in a few days...until then, take
good care!!

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