Sunday, January 2, 2011

new thoughts, new days...

i had originally intended for this to be more of
a chipper post, but i wound up dealing with the
hangover of this past New Year', not from
drinking. more of a spiritual hangover. i chose
to have a quiet New Year's at home rather than
go out for a couple of reasons. one, i didn't
want to put people out of their normal routine
given that NYC was still shaking off the residue
of the blizzard last weekend. two, i also wanted
to get my mind and soul right given the chaos of
December. today, i wound up getting the last bit
of aggravation, frustration and plain old sorrow

a lot was made of saturday being 1.1.11 and how
this day was to be the day that we all needed to
embrace and welcome more positivity in our lives.
i think the one thing not mentioned there is the
need to shrug off certain things right after they
happen, especially if they're not good for us.
that skill is more vital than we realize. it allows
you to stay in the moment, and transcend it to
get to another moment that will be more positive
for you. new thoughts can lead to new and better
days. i'm going to try my best to keep that in
mind not only going forward in this year but all
the years afterwards.

until the next time...later.

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