Tuesday, December 28, 2010

serenity on the road forward.

hey folks, i haven't been updating for quite a few days
now. part of the reason is that i was still coping with
the loss of my grandmother. the other part is, i've been
in a period of quiet, heavy reflection. it's always said
that the holiday season evokes(or should evoke)a lot of
emotions. for me, it's no different. but the overwhelming
emotion or feeling is, serenity. serenity to let go of
past hurts and present fears and future worries. this state
of mind is exactly what i need going into this new year.
because while i've accomplished another goal in publishing
my second book, i want to ensure that i keep setting and
reaching bigger and better goals with my craft and my own
personal growth. in the long run, your legacy is more than
words on a screen or page. it's who you are, who you choose
to show to the world day in and day out.

i'm grateful to you for stopping by and checking out my
writing and i promise there WILL be more to come in 2011.
stay tuned and please spread the word!!!

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