Wednesday, November 10, 2010

heartshadow.(or a visitation to a past mood.)

there are moments one has that seem to darken
the mood. they cause immediate and seemingly
overwhelming despair.

yesterday, i got swept up in one of those moods.
so much so, that i shut down. something i RARELY
do. when it gets to that level, i usually make
the choice to ride it out, no matter how somber
or how painful. because trying to fight it or
act like its non-existent makes it worse. i once
called this a 'heartshadow'. it's not my term, i
actually found it in salman rushdie's 'haroun
and the sea of stories.'(which by the way is a
GREAT book)

i'm here to say, i've gotten through it. and for
those still stuck there, there IS a light beyond
the darkness and pain. will yourself to get there,
fight it, scratch and claw and you'll find that
peace within yourself again.

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