Friday, September 24, 2010

a ribbon of wanting(for sagal)

cutting the ribbon
that tied us together
was easier than i thought
it no longer sears into the flesh of my heart
but i wonder
from time to time
if you still wear it
does it grace your neck
and drift
along those places my lips walked
is it cinched around your wrist
your pulse letting it rise
like blades of grass underneath a sudden wind
or have you tucked it away
in a book you figure you'll never get around to read
to keep from feeling
that tenderness
that had to leave
to be honest
i still have my piece of ribbon
draped within my spirit
it adds that extra color
when thoughts of you
make my mind grey
if they could ever be sewn together again
this ribbon of want
i'd kiss each thread
until the end
for now
i am only bound by you
in past dreams.

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