Thursday, November 6, 2008

the first day of a new future...

two days later and it all feels so surreal...

the one thing many thought they'd never live to see has happened. a black
man has become president of the united states, and by association, leader
of the "free" world. i could spout on and on about this joyous moment. but
what i'm saying right here, right now is this...

this is the first day of a new future, and we all owe it to ourselves not
to waste one iota of this hope, this optimism. we can no longer be cowards
of compromise. we must be champions of change, not only in our politics but
our outlook, our worldview, our mindstates. we cannot afford to delay. we
owe that much to the man who is now the standard bearer of the tomorrows
we've dreamed about for decades...barack hussein obama.

peace, prosperity and progression...

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